Major Same Gender Marriage Issues Exposed

Countries who already "legalised" same gender marriage are facing major problems. Genuine people who agreed it was a good idea are now outraged as they lose their own rights and freedoms. "Accepting" and "Legalising" has significantly different legal consequences that will end with YOUR freedoms being taken away. Learn from those that have gone before.

about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Scary scary stuff isn't it. My husband and I were having a discussion about these very issues last night, and our fears for the future of this nation, and the future for our CHILDREN as we try to raise them herein. I had no idea just HOW bad it could get :( I could well do jail time if this awful law passes along with all it's protections. I would NEVER sit quiet while a school tried to teach my child that two daddies with a kid is just the same and as natural and acceptable as an natural elephant family or a Mum-Dad-Kids family :/

...and the adds that were prevented from being aired and the reasons for that was appalling :( the double-sided, two-faced nature of the so called "equality" these people want to force on us is frightening stuff.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

WE, THE FIRST PRESIDENCY and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

IN THE PREMORTAL REALM, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.
Marie Jones
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
I do not hate homosexuals but I do hate what they do,it wrong,wrong,wrong in everyway.They need to find Jesus Christ and turn from their ways and real soon,time is so important now,Jesus is coming for us soon
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
I just find it incredible how so many people are shouting with such venom that Christians are SO intolerant.  Can't they see the irony?  Christians have a view that they have a right to air just as much as others have a right to air their view.   Surely everyone can do it without the venomous rhetoric and swearing.  If you disagree just say so.  Disagree in a civil manner and people may actually take what you say more seriously.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Ray, I  disagree! Is that civil enough? But I will say Jesus would be "rolling in his grave" at the modern-day Christian interpretation of tolerance, acceptance and love thy neighbour! You are all hypocrites of the highest order. And another thing, as YOU say, all human beings are created in the image of God. So by your own admission people with same-sex attractions are created in his image as well. So your arguments make no sense on the most basic level.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
I think respect for the simple biological heterosexual union needs to be displayed by gays. We are becoming a marginalised group by virtue of media monopoly. The way we are esteemed is the measure of esteem gays afford themselves. Biblical Christianity is about the only alternative culture to being gay left on the planet for those who do wish to leave the gay life behind. It is precious to gays and non gays alike that such a way exists. With man it is impossible, with God all things are possible. Being born again is becoming a new creature  in Christ Jesus. We can preach the gospel and urge repentance for sin without singling out one man's sin over another's. Who are we to judge? It is not upto us, it is God who is able to to make the blind man see. We are but His messengers. See, no dischord, no hassles, no name calling or striving. Preach Jesus and when they here that your words are not with enticing words of mans' wisdom but rather demonstrate the power and love of God..preaching not ourselves but that we are your servants for Christ's sake..then it is love. Uncompromising love.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
In the beginning God created Man. The animals God created there was both Male and Female of each species. Man however had no partner. So he caused Adam the first Man on earth to go in a deep sleep in which he took the rib out of Adam to make Woman. 
Her name was Eve not Steve. God told Adam and Eve to multiply
by having children. Which is the natural thing for a Man and Woman to do. If God really thought it was okay for Men and Women to engage in unnatural sexual relationships don't you think he would have created for example the animals to homosexual/lesbian relations. No it was not so. So please think carefully when you cast your vote on Saturday please. Thankyou and God bless you all
facts are where you find them
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013

if you are a fan of research... here are a few researched stats:

 90% of worldwide HIV transmission occurs in heterosexual people.

 The fastest growing group of people infected with hepatitis B are heterosexuals.
 Only 10% of those infected with hepatitis B are men who have sex with men.

 Only 4% of hepatitis C infections are from men who have sex with men
Vera bevan
about 4 years agoSeptember 7, 2017
I'm sorry but I don't believe your statistics. HIV began through homosexual transmission. Following that promiscuous people are certainly a big part of the problem of these various diseases, but homosexually active people cause even more disease because of the unhealthy, unhygienic practices they take part in. Certain parts of the body were never meant to be used and abused in the way they are. Ask any doctor.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
To quote 'rethinkingtheology',
This is a good example of the "gay agenda" in action. The ultimate and most all-encompassing goal of the gay agenda is to force our society to fully accept their lifestyle as morally, socially, and religiously equivalent to the heterosexual lifestyle. This goal is for not only acceptance, but also affirmation and celebration of homosexual behavior as normal, natural, healthy and desirable.This is what the homosexual movement is really all about. The traditional civic virtue of tolerance is being replaced with a new ethic requiring approval and endorsement of homosexuality.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Ahhh, all this old and selective speech...
This might help you:
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Um, to the poster who wrote "I would NEVER sit quiet while a school tried to teach my child that two daddies with a kid is just the same and as natural and acceptable as an natural elephant family or a Mum-Dad-Kids family"....

It's awkward because 45% of Elephant mating is homosexual in nature. That's why they're so hard to breed.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Everyone on this forum is missing a very important point. Australian government is not a theocracy. Our laws are not made according to the bible - they are made according to the wants and rights of the majority of people. To simplify it - get your bible out of my government. You are the small minded hateful minority.
Gabriel (the messenger)
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Hi, as you would know, I'm an Angel and I am on a mission from God to set a few facts straight.

Your video is disgusting.
Your evidence is incorrect.
Please remove the video, and apologise to your Lord in prayer every week for 6 years precisely.
God made homosexuality, as well as heterosexuality.
It is merely a manifestation of the diversity of the universe She[God] created.

Thank you,
On behalf of God,
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Ok this video made me realise an important fact. Sex = Cancer, lets put a blanket ban on all marriage and sex and get all these pesky cancers sorted first. This way, no one is being discriminated against and we keep sex disease free. Not sure whether God is committed to a cancer cure (he's been avoiding the issue it seems) but I'm sure there are a number of bright doctors and scientists who would be willing to give it a crack. I'm sure with this sort of incentive we could have disease knocked over in a few years and people could be free to marry whomever they please!

 Who's with me?!
Bruno the Hairdresser
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
Gary marriage isnt an issue, give them equal rights and call it something else, it dosnt have to be called marriage. Perhaps the church needs to take governments to court and force them to stay out of religion and religious acts.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
No one has it right here.  Just read the Bible! Male and female created He them.  (Adam and Eve!) Everyone else since Adam
Transgressed (ie. sinned) has been made in the image and likeness of Adam!  Cp. Genesis 5:3  God finished His creation after 6 days! We are born after the image and likeness of Adam!  We are all born sinners!  God, the Lawgiver, list what is sinful and what is exceeding sinful.   Sodomy IS listed as "exceeding sinful!" I don't what you think you are ..... Or what you are told you are .... It is what you DO (in this case Sodomy) that IS A SIN!  Sorry, I don't make the "rules" THE LAWGIVER (GOD) does! 

No repentance - no forgiveness - no salvation! And THAT is the long and the short of it and both ends against the middle! 

If we keep telling people that "I'm O.K., You're O.K.", we are doing them a GREAT disservice!  Nobody will repent ... And nobody will get saved.
I love God
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
In response to 'Anonymous'.. I urge you to be extremely careful when conveying your own interpretation and opinion based on your limited knowledge about what God might do upon His returns. Based on what you've expressed, you said " No repentance - no forgiveness - no salvation!" & your ending sentence "And nobody will get saved", I reckon you need to know that the primary reason why Jesus came to this world is to 'save all of us'. He died on the cross for all of us, the sinners. He carried the heavy burden of our sins and went through numerous wicked and inhumane treatment, just because he wanted to complete the salvation task given by our Heaven Father. For you say that there will be no salvation, I reckon that's awful and totally discrediting Jesus' death. The bible says we don't choose God , because He chooses us. We are His dearest children and He loves everyone. You can't pull something out from Old Testament and apply it directly into this century. Well, the bible also says that women shall not serve or preach on the stage, women cannot remarried or leave their husbands unless the husband died. The husbands cannot divorce their wives simply because they don't love each other any more. It has to be related to sexual misconduct. There are many more things and laws that are mentioned in the bible, BUT are we going to follow ALL of them? The fifth commandment is to Honour our parents. Let us ask ourselves... how many of us ACTUALLY did honour our parents all the time? Have you ever upset your parents before? What about those who sent their parents into nursing home and let others to take care of their parents instead of themselves? People now adays don't even have time for their parents. Is that honouring our parents? I'm sorry but I find most of the posts here very offensive and hurtful. We are all children of God and we are not in the position to speak on behalf of our Heaven Father. ONLY He has the right to judge and decide what is acceptable and not acceptable AT THE END OF THE DAY. Here you guys keep shouting at those who are vulnerable and discriminating their rights and values. That's absurd. Before we say something, I hope we do ask ourselves, "Who am I here to judge others just because they are different from me?" Move on folks... let God do the job and He knows what to do. Live your life and be happy of what you have now. Mind your own business and stop criticising and condemning those who are vulnerable. God bless...
Mercy & Truth
about 5 years agoSeptember 5, 2016
Actually, I believe 'Anonymous' already knows that Christ died for all of us.  The Bible clearly states that without repentance, (i.e. asking Christ for forgiveness & turning away from sinful behaviour) we are not forgiven and therefore not saved.  God does not alter the words He has said.  "My covenant I will not break, nor alter the thing that has gone out of my lips"  Psalm 89:34   Regardless of whether His words are spoken from the Old Testament or New, our  'progressive ideas' or interpretation cannot change them.   God resides outside of time, which make His words as relevant now as they were thousands of years ago.   One of my friends is gay, I like him he's a great guy, but I don't have to accept his lifestyle.  That is not- compromising-my-beliefs and certainly not judgemental.
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
While we are banning gay marriage lets bring back slavery while were at it because the bible says its alright
about 8 years agoSeptember 5, 2013
not just christians but people who are against this issue, only do so because they find it an easy target, the argument that two men or two women can not raise children normally and its unnatural and against what the bible says is utter crap! I would like to know what those people think on single parents or parents who are hetrosexual that beat the living daylights out of their children parents who are hetrosexual that hate they're kids and tell them so every day, parents who are drug users or who wish they'd never have kids, its interesting isn't it that two men who would fight all their lives just to love a child, to raise a child with care and with love get thrown to the trash abused and bullied, by morons and small minded idiots who have no idea what a life of homosexuality is like by people who think that homosexuals can change. I'm afraid to say that you 'christians' on here who have been writing all these hateful things need to take a good look in the mirror and even better look at the bible because I'm fairly sure that the message of the bible is one of hope truth and love, was it not jesus that sat with the prostitutes and loved the unloveable in fact his exact words 'you who have not sinned may cast the fist stone' people use their religion as an excuse to bully and manipulate. Religion should not come into our government because it is not what everyone believes in. it is not homosexuality that will be the end of the world it will be small minded bigots that end up killing us all. Let people be people, and let them love who they love.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I am disgusted at the behaviour of some of you 'Christians'. Did God not teach us to love our God and love one another with all our hearts and all our minds? Love thy neighbour is one of the ten commandments is it not?? But yet you spit venom about these 'people' and their 'unGodly ways'. How dare you!! You are NO better than ANYONE else!! We were ALL created in God's image and that means homosexuals too. I as a STRAIGHT, MARRIED Christian am disgusted at the judgment of you people, the only one who has the right to judge is the Lord himself. I firmly believe that GOD IS LOVE as it states in THE BIBLE and it doen's matter what kind. God created these people too!! How would you feel if the bible stated that homosexuality was the only way and you were persecuted for being 'straight' the way you persecute these creations of God?
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I agree with Rod and I am a christian and I go to church every sunday. Jesus told us ''let he is without sin throw the first stone'' in other words dont judge each other. You dont choose who you fall in love with . Jesus was about tolerence and love not hate and condemnation. It is all this judgemental self righeous stuff that turns people away from Christianity. And when the muslims want the laws changed to their way of thinking you cant complain because you are doing the same thing.  We are talking about 2 people who want to make a commitment to each other . Look after your own morality and let everyone else look after theirs. If it is a sin then god will judge it.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I love god you have taken the words out of my mouth. That is exactly what I believe . I couldn't have said it better
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I don't like to spread hate but at the same time i don't like to be victimized in the same way all the Christians on here have been. Don't judge? Christians are among the most judged people on the planet and have been killed over the centuries even up till these times for even preaching a love message. And here we are in a time when we have freedom of speech in our country but if you want to say anything freely you get cut down, called Hypocrites, sworn at, cursed, ridiculed and more. 

It is true that I believe in the bibles words old and new testament.  I do believe it is not in God's prefect design for a man to be with a man or the other way around.  Sitting back and just saying "let's love everyone and not say anything about anyone's sin, let's keep quiet and pretend it's no big deal" doesn't accomplish anything that Christians were sent to do.  I don't know about you but I want to see my friends and family in heaven. I am not blameless and my sin is no less valid than a homosexuals however if I am faulting and sinning and no one pulls me up on it or encourages me through it, I stay in the dark.  I don't think the answer is hate speech but sitting back also accomplishes nothing for Gods kingdom. 
When we say there is freedom of speech let us listen to what the other has to say rather than defending our sin. I am guilty of a lot but when I know my sin I can repent.  Can we not be civil and listen to both sides? Can a Christian say something without being publicly slaughtered or called insane? I have my views you have yours.  I try to listen to your side but everytime a Christian speaks up its caked hate speech.  

If we want the right to free speech than let's practice it fairly on all sides.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Val .The Bible DOES NOT endorse slavery. Mr Rudd totally misrepresented and misquoted the Bible. He quoted Aristotle. The Bible gives instruction to those who were in a certain social situation which was very different from the slavery practised in more recent years. It was Christians who first work to have slavery abolished. It is not judgmental to state what the Bible clearly teaches. The Bible is about Truth above all else. God loves all people but He does't endorse everything people do.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
For anyone who is in doubt about what the Bible teaches I suggest you read Romans chapter 1 especially the last part. IHomosexuality is the result of people denying God as Creator. Homosexuality clearly is sin and needs to be repented of. It can be forgiven like any other sin. any nation that has gone down that road has gone downhill very fast. I am aghast that any government should even think of endorsing SS pseudo marriage. "Who, knowing that the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death,not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them." Romans 1:32  Val
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
The Bible says told slaves to seek to be free if they could. If they couldn't then they were to serve their Masters with good will. They were in a social situation which could not be changed overnight. It was Christian people who worked against slavery and eventually had it abolished.  Mr Rudd got it wrong. He has a very shallow knowledge of the Bible. God will forgive homosexuality but He doesn't endorse it. He can do nothing for anyone who will not acknowledge sin.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
What propaganda! What rubbish. I have never been so insulted as a Christian. Thanks to this video I am definitely voting for Xenephon and anyone else who supports gay marriage.
Bee Pee
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Jesus had two dads..get real
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
If you don't believe in god and most rational people don't. then by definition you are free from. sin how can you be judged by a fictional character ????
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Straight people have been havering anal sex as long as gay people have why army we to blame as much as the next gay person ? I thought Christianity taught acceptance and love its just a shame a few delusional religious extremists make allot of good Christians look small minded and extremely stupid.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
As I stated to a fellow Christian earlier which pretty much sums it up perfectly. "Any MAN can easily choose to JUDGE another for who they are. Only GOD chooses to unequivocally LOVE THEM for who they are."
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Rumour has it Jesus experimented with homosexuality otherwise who in there right mind would have 12 dude groupies and no women following him around on tour.  Think about it !!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Anonymous I am a Christian and I in NO WAY feel victimised. We are ALL created in the image of God, every one of us, no matter who we are. Your not going to 'catch' homosexuality from letting someone be who they deserve as a fellow human being to be. STD's are spread by thoughtless people who don't use protection, whether they be straight or gay  Do you get coldsores?? Well guess what, if you do, that's HPV and I bet you didn't kiss a gay to get it. Also, a word of advice, spellcheck. I am a fan of cake but i do not like caked hate speech.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
i sincerely hope, with all my heart, that all you're children turn out to be gay.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Get over yourselves,  what an adult choses to do is non of your busomess. If you as " christians" are being asked to marry somoeome of the same gender, then you can complain as for now;  read your bible, go to church and shut up. We do not want to hear your backward fairy tales
Andrew Schultz
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
God/Gods did not crate Man, Man created God/Gods in order to place a powerful entity between man and calamity. A Deity to intercede between himself and that which he did not understand/feared. As man's knowledge grew so did the sophisticracy of the Deity's.
Larry Anders
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
So just watching this it was easily determined that the real hike in infection between homosexual men wasnt in fact the marriage or homosexuality itself. It was poor practice in disease prevention, ie condoms. Because they are not worried about pregnancy.

On an equal note if we put all the money that is wasted in supporting obsolete institutions such as Religion we could amp up disease immunization research ten fold. The same could be said for millitary and economic institusions as-well.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
A Christian message?  You will be the first Jesus 'smites' on the second coming.  You seemed to have forgotten Jesus' main message - Love your neighbour.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
OMG god spoke to me and said all you homophobes need to worry about your own fucked up lives and leave everyone else's alone. What a bunch of losers lol go get a job or stop smoking crack.
rachel gilmore
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
thanks for all the hatred... NOT...
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I'd like to for a moment put a positive spin on this heated thread by commending those who have shown sophistication and education and have spoken out in favour of marriage equality and the rights of not just gay people, but any people to live their lives as they so choose. Reading some of the hateful comments really made me quite distraught and it was inspiring to read the opinions and statements of those who do not submit to ignorance. It made me feel a lot better. Struggling with one's own identity is difficult enough and is a personal, internal conflict. People going through this do not need the radical opinions of others who do not understand and are frankly completely uninvolved in these experiences. So thank you very much to those who reinstated my faith in humanity today.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is a joke.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
If they got the chemicals oestrogen  and testosterone right in people who feel the urge to love same sex they would have the emotions for the opposite sex and gay and lesbian lifestyles would not exist. The gay guys treat there men like a piece of meat just thrusting hard while the other being hacked into there anus how can rhat be great god gave us certain parts for certain functions health problems occur when u put things in wrong holes.  Its sad that a man and wife is made to feel like its worthless as same sex try to make there sexual desires important.  God gave us a man and a woman to raise children thats how they are made that is how it should be. It is one thing to except people's lifestyles thats not whats normal but its not ok to push their lifestyles on to young children.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Wtf you people are a disgrace to the human race. You christian loving wankers are the same as Hitler.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
You people are deranged. If you think that denying basic human rights is fine, then I feel sorry for any offspring that you produce, because they will surely be at retarded as you.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
The pure ignorance of some people continues to amaze me!! I feel sorry for your children if they happen to be BORN gay as they would be rejected and not accepted by their own parents for being who they are. If you even bothered to educate yourself instead of making bold statements that are just dumb and plain wrong then you would realise that statistics prove that children are not any worse off being raised by gay parents in fact often they are given better lives due to the fact that their parents have to go to such great lengths to have children that they cherish them.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This video talks about how many gay men have HIV. You want to know why this is? A lack of knowledge about how to have safe sex and the consequences of not having safe sex, which could have been majorly prevented if these people were given proper sex education in high school which YOU oppose. You only have yourselves to blame for the spread of sexually transmitted infections when it's YOU that actively discourage information  about and discourage the use of contraception. Stop demonising the LGBTI community to push your bigoted, homophobic, heterosexist, religious supremacist views.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I was raised in a Christian home and identify as a Christian to this day and in saying that, this video is one of the most hateful and disgusting things I've ever watched. Same sex marriage is nothing to be afraid of, love is love. Someone being able to marry the person that they love is not going to cause you any harm. Stop the hate.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
You poor, terrified, deluded hate-mongers. I feel sorry for whoever supports and adheres to your despicable and poisonous ideology. Shame on you all.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Why don't you try and stop issues that actually damage children, like paedophillia, which has had a strong history in the those who have actually preached God....And I'm certain that the one thing that would stay with a child,and haunt him, would not be that he has two same-sex parents, but all the teachings against love, which would then turn to a kind of hatred or a lesser kind, against people, who essentially, only want to love and live openly. News flash- there are homosexuals, and yes, they are people too. Keep religion out of politics, and get a life.
Daniel lavercombe
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
What a sad sad joke. Gay marriage is inevitable and its not in any way 'disgusting' or 'wrong'. So push your losing battle, but you mind warped arseholes are going to have to deal with the fact that your definition of homosexuality, lies outside the feelings of the majority of Australia.
And the guy at the end may be 'cured' like many of you would like to think possible... But he most likely is a big nelly queen prowling grindr with bottle of wine every night.
It's time you start realising that your fucked up finger pointing and outlandish beliefs don't and won't have any affect on the future of marriage equality in Australia.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is disgusting.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This video is the most hateful piece of propaganda I have ever seen in modern times. it would be just as easy to demonise Christianity with clips portraying its record of child sexual abuse, money and land grabbing, manipulation of governments and the poor and lay some heavy thumping beats under it to make it scary and threatening. Is this really a culture of love and acceptance? Doesn't look like it.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Stop using a book to justify your hate, Also stop making up stuff for a video,i could not stop laughing over how dumb you Christians are. + If Adam and  Eve were real, the whole world would be incest lol
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
You are all delusion, saying god is coming blah blah, there is as always be gay people and just cause you think it's wrong isn't going to stop them being gay. Our world is fucked up anyway and times a changing so get used to it, having a cry isn't going to change a thing, wake the fuck up there is no god nor will 2 people of the same sex collapse the foundations of society, live your own lives for yourself an get over it
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I have a few questions that I would like answered. Growing up as the son of a minister and attending Christian school my whole life I was horrified at myself when I started having gay feelings at 12. I had prayer counselling and psychological counselling. I prayed daily for 10 years that God would take it away. It didn't go. I came out and was rejected by the church and knew full well this would happen. I had run out of options. Why would I CHOOSE such a path knowing that I was going to be the subject of gossip, rejection and at one time death threats? Do you think we as homosexuals would choose this difficult path? Also, when did you choose to be heterosexual? You didn't did you. If you want to stop homosexual marriage why are you alienating the community with these unfounded statistics? Shouldn't you be trying to win souls for Jesus and not condemn. You really aren't helping your cause. Gay marriage will not affect you personally, nor will it affect your children because you probably live in the Bible Belt. You people are not going out into the world to preach the word of God, you are sitting in judgement like the Pharisees. The GLBTI community is not out to recruit, take over or possess the minds of your children. We don't want to take away the significance of your marriage. We want the chance to have our love recognised as equal. All love is equal. Marriage equality will happen. Maybe not this term of Government but someday it will. I think Jesus would be appalled by this hatred that is being spread. I know I am.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Letting you know all the homophobe christians can go to hell 
 Love suckung juicy cock and having my ass ravaged by my bf yet to be husband who I love and care for hope u bastards all catch aids off ur husbands that I fuck :) hehe did I mention gay people will rule this world not christians fuck u all ;@
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013

about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Listen to yourselves people! You all sound PATHETIC!! Quoting the bible and how "God" created you. Religion contradicts its self right from the start. If the world started with Adam and Eve created by God in his own image and blah blah blah then how did the rest of the people come to exist??? Did brothers and sisters FUCK each other till the population grew????  
Every religion (Muslim, Christian etc.) is meant to teach love and compassion. If God created you a man and a woman to have children then why do you have sex so often or for pleasure???? 
Does it not defeat the law of God???? Man made religion and control of the world, created by MEN!! Marriage is not a religious act, it is federal law. People don't have to get married in a church. Get over yourselves. I hope TO all those terrible comments above that you have a gay child - maybe you will wake up! 
P.S HPV virus causes cervical, penis and other cancers - PATHETIC VIDEO!!
 I feel sorry for the lovIng Christian and other religious  people out there.........
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This makes me embarrassed and sickened to be Australian. Your party really needs to wake up and smell the modern day roses cause people like Kevin Rudd although Christian himself has shown his progressiveness within his religion and seen it in his nature to understand that we are people too and we should be entitled to the same privledges heterosexual are given. Just think about it!! Otherwise don't force it I'm people's face much like you already do with your religion!!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
We will all meet our maker, as a proud gay man I will stand in front of him with pride and my head held high. The church that spends millions of dollars keeping family's quite from sexuall abuse from priest will have to hang the head low and beg for forgiveness. It's not about getting married in a church it's about having the same rights.
The father has every right to control what his children see and what is teaches to them.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
If we decided to; my partner and I could go and get our marriage license, go to the registry office and be married. There would not be a mention of any god and it is our legal right to do so. 
The fact is that there are legal consenting adults who love each other that are not allowed that same right. If anything the bible is an example of how many times marriage had already been redefined- and that is all it is.
YOUR personal religion (whichever you have chosen) has no bearing on my legal right to be married- why should it be able to effect the rights of others?
In a secular society Marriage Equality is a social/justice issue as people are being denied their legal right to be married- not a religious one.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I personally find this video to be a disgustingly vile piece of hate-inciting propaganda. The so-called "Christians" behind this should be ashamed of themselves and realise their own hypocrisy when they remember the words spoken by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ: LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR. Just because own religious views contradict certain behaviours in others, that does not mean that is any way justified to victimise or villainise a certain group in society. This does NOTHING to further the message of Jesus, and in fact, HINDERS any efforts to spread His word through the inciting and encouragement of hate and fear.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
BAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING JOKE OF A VIDEO. You all need to wake up and see the reality that homosexuality is apart of this world. Not even God himself can stop it because he loves everyone equally and wants us to be happy no matter who we love! Christians? What Christians? I don't see any christians in this video. I am happily in love with my same-sex partner and we have a right to proclaim our love in front of the world!!! Deal. With. It.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Scary? Spiders are scary. Abuse is scary. Poverty is scary. War is scary. I can imagine that telling your homophobic mother that you are gay would be scary. Loosing your children would be scary. 

I thought I might just put that into perceptive for you. 

Oh. And one other thing. Here is a short list of just some of the animals that display what you call unnatural homosexual behaviour

Brown Bear
Brown Rat
Cat (domestic)
Cattle (domestic)
Common Dolphin
Common Marmoset
Horse (domestic)
RaccoonBarn Owl
Common Gull
King Penguin
SeagullAmazon molly
Blackstripe topminnow
Bluegill Sunfish
European Bitterling
Green swordtail
Guiana leaffish
Houting Whitefish
Jewel Fish
Least Darter (Microperca punctulata)
Mouthbreeding Fish sp.
Salmon spp.
Southern platyfish
Ten-spined stickleback
Three-spined stickleback
Bearded Dragon
Broad-headed Skink
Checkered Whiptail Lizard
Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail Lizard
Common Ameiva
Common Garter Snake
Cuban Green Anole
Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard
Desert Tortoise
Fence Lizard
Five-lined Skink
Gopher (Pine) Snake
Green Anole
Inagua Curlytail Lizard
Jamaican Giant Anole
Laredo Striped Whiptail Lizard
Largehead Anole
Mourning Gecko
Plateau Striped Whiptail Lizard
Red Diamond Rattlesnake
Red-tailed Skink
Side-blotched Lizard
Speckled Rattlesnake
Water Moccasin
Western rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis)
Western Banded Gecko
Whiptail Lizard spp.
Wood TurtleAlfalfa Weevil
Australian Parasitic Wasp sp.
Bean Weevil sp.
Bedbug and other Bug spp.
Blister Beetle spp.
Broadwinged Damselfly sp.
Cabbage (Small) White (Butterfly)
Checkerspot Butterfly
Club-tailed Dragonfly spp.
Cockroach spp.
Common Skimmer Dragonfly spp.
Creeping Water Bug sp.
Digger Bee
Dragonfly spp.
Eastern Giant Ichneumon Wasp
Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer
Field Cricket sp.
Flour Beetle
Fruit Fly spp.
Glasswing Butterfly
Grape Berry Moth
Grape Borer
Green Lacewing
Hen Flea
House Fly
Ichneumon wasp sp.
Japanese Scarab Beetle
Larch Bud Moth
Large Milkweed Bug
Large White
Long-legged Fly spp.
Mazarine Blue
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Mexican White (butterfly)
Midge sp.
Migratory Locust
Monarch Butterfly
Narrow-winged Damselfly spp.
Parsnip Leaf Miner
Pomace fly
Queen Butterfly
Red Ant sp.
Red Flour Beetle
Reindeer Warble Fly (Hypoderma tarandi)
Rose Chafer
Rove Beetle spp.
Scarab Beetle (Melolonthine)
Screwworm Fly
Silkworm Moth
Southeastern Blueberry Bee
Southern Green Stink Bug
Southern Masked Chafer
Southern One-Year Canegrub
Spreadwinged Damselfly spp.
Spruce Budworm Moth
Stable Fly sp.
Stag Beetle spp.
Tsetse Fly
Water Boatman Bug
Water Strider spp.Appalachian Woodland Salamander
Black-spotted Frog
Mountain Dusky Salamander
Tengger Desert Toad

Hmm frightening stuff.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
All I can say is Jesus spent the majority of his adult life hanging out with 12 guys . And a man needs to get off somehow just sayin
Ignorance is not bliss
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
You clearly have no understanding of homosexual people or homosexuality - perhaps look into it before you attempt to participate in a discussion? If same-sex orientation were merely chemical, then all transwomen would be attracted to men, and all transmen would be attracted to women. But it's not the case. Some trans people are straight, some are gay, some are bi. The implication that gay men are all sexually violent (even when consensual) is also completely unfounded - in fact, most men who rape other men identify as heterosexual ( Cervical cancer is also caused by HPV and is much more common than anal cancer - are you suggesting that this is caused by 'putting things in wrong holes'? Should we ban all heterosex? And how can validating one person's desires have any impact on yours, as long as they are not forcing you to change what you do? As for 'pushing their lifestyles onto young children', if children could be brought up to be gay then the children of gay parents would all be gay. Unsurprisingly, they're not. This video cherry picks 'facts' to spin a story that is complete nonsense when compared with the whole picture, but those in this thread who agree seem blissfully unaware of this because it aligns with your blinkered views. Also try working on your spelling and grammar - it's a dead giveaway for lack of education. And incidentally, I am straight. I just support people's write to live as they were born/created to live, and will not tolerate hate or bigotry of any kind.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
No can take religion seriously until all you priests dtop raping and sodomising little boys!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I have no problem with you being small minded bigots, I really don't. I don't even care if you want to poison your own children with your hatred and bigotry. What I do mind is you trying to impose your bigotry onto every other person in the country by seeking to make the laws of my country conform to your own hateful interpretation of the bible. You and the Taliban can both rack off as far as I am concerned. (Apologies to decent Christians who know how to live and let live)
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is the biggest piece of rubbish I've viewed today ... There ain't no Christian principles in anyone who can spread such fear mongering and misinformation ... It wasn't banned for the reasons stated no doubt, it was more likely for its hatefulness and mistruths
You people use religion to hate.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is why people are flocking from the church. Stop with the pseudo-science bullshit. Just admit you hate gay people and enjoy being on the wrong side of history.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013

about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Hey there, so I heard you planted different crops side by side. Just commenting to ask when the town was going to get together to stone you to death as I need to plan my week. Many thanks, Reece.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
You people are a dirty cult, full of hate speech god help Australia if you got one vote. Where are you getting these facts
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
And yeah if you're worried about spreading HIV, just don't have sex with gay guys. And don't do needles with them (bummer, right?). + gay marriage will spread it less. Unless you want them to spread it. Which it doesn't really matter either way to you so just stop doing what you're doing, you pseudo-Christian satanic self centered abominations of the earth
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is one of the most hurtful and disgusting pieces of propaganda I have seen in recent times. And for the record, heterosexual vaginal intercourse also spreads HPV and causes cervical cancer so how dare you insight gays spread cancer.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Wow..that was the most rediculous thing I've seen since Mileys VMA performance. GROW UP!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Free speech is one thing, this is something else.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
This is not free speech it's nothing but pig headed bible thumping sacks of shit  grow the fuck up listen to fact ( fact  god did not create humans or this planet  science has blown everything god apparently did out of this world religion is nothing but a system designed by other pigheaded faggots to control the masses and that my dear Christians is a fact
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
There's no problem but narrow mindedness. Maybe if someone taught you as a kid you'd be more accepting. I'm straight btw. The country isn't run on religion. Remember that, ay?
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
And I'm catholic.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
How's it feel to be on the wrong side of history fundies?
Humanistic Relativist
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
There is no place for dogmatic fear-mongering in a largely secular country. However, we are fortunate enough to be able to conduct ourselves in a way we see fit, whilst being protected from persecution. All of this absurd back-and-forth, flies in the face of 
everything a diplomatic society should stand for. Just let everyone be. Go and do whatever it is that makes you happy. But do it without getting in anyone else's face. Reserve the right to disagree, and leave it at that.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I was raised Anglican and I think this video is ridiculous!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
utterly ridiculous and shameful !!!
The new generation
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
To everyone here, Australian Christians and to the individuals that out this video together.

You simply cannot use Anal Cancer as an apponent to Gay Marriage. What the fuck does cancer have to do with marriage. You are all so evidenatlly stupid, as homosexuals will and always will have anal and oral sex. Let me also remjnd you that heterosexual people have anal and oral sex. 

This video and the propoganda that you all so proudly express is utterly disgusting. How DARE ypu think its okay to put across such hatred to your fellow Australians? In fact, it is completley un-Australian of you to do so. 

You also exampled a lot of madigra visuals in your presentqtion, which is not a general representation of the Australian Gay Community. Not all Gays are going to join madigra because its the gay thing to do. 

I just cant believe that in 2013 and as Australians we are still using such putred material to try and persude others againet homosexuality and NONE pf you can say, "I dont care what homosexuals do, but what they do is very wrong'. That is a redundant statement and makes you look like the bigget hypocrite your so called God ever created. 

As a modern country, we'd be better off without such unsupportive opinions like yours. 

At the end of the day, it doesnt really matter what you think however, because the Ypung Generation that is Generation Y will change the law regardless of your bigot opinions. I know you're all scared, so be. Be very, very fucking scared because not too long from today, Gay Australians will be getting married and all you can do is go cry to your God. But will you get a reply from him? I think not.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Haha. Wow. Initially I felt extremely hurt and victimised. But now I realise that it's not worth while debating with people that cannot use their brains. 
What a waste of time and space this is, the money and effort! Poverty, 3rd world hunger, research into cancer and other diseases, education and health.... Lets get real people and stop being idiotic bigots!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Love one another as I have loved you, isn't that what Jesus was supposed to have said. Can't feel the love here.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
How is preventing them from getting married the same as preventing them from fucking?
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Wow. What a piece of hate filled shite. When will some of us religious people realize we've been wrong on almost every discriminatory 'moral stand' we've ever fought that we felt was based on the bible. I am ashamed of the creators of this and those that support this in the name of god.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Oh, and no one has prevented you Christians from having sex and making more screwed up individuals like yourself. Your excuses as to why marriage equality isn't right is getting old. Come up with some new reasons. We are getting bored.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Religion has Nothing to do with marriage. Nothing. Do I need to say it again?... Nothing. Whether you are Jewish, christian, catholic, Muslim etc, you are legally allowed to marry. A Jewish couple has no  need to knock on the door of the christian faith to ask for permission to marry. And I as an atheist I need no permission from you to marry my fiancé, in fact we could even get married in a chapel if we wanted, no questions asked,  even though we both believe that god was created as a method of control, taking stories from Egyptian  worships of Sun (god) and moon (darkness)... Do some research, the connections are uncanny! Yet I can marry in a chapel.
We don't need your permission to allow gay marriage, 
as have I mentioned, religion has nothing to do with it.
So take your propaganda filled disgusting damaging video and mind your own business.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
Extremist Christians, like the ones who made this disgusting video are exactly like phedophiles. Disturbed, disgusting, not right in the head and definitely need to be put away. You are all sick, twisted individuals.
Damian Weibler
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
So. is it Pro gay marriage or against it? I mean, if we want to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, shouldn't we be supporting gay monogamy, instead of encouraging them to have short term relationships? Also, I haven't seen any kids complaining about gay marriage, no child has expressed confusion at homosexuality, only adults, bigotted, small minded adults are complaining.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
I feel like this type of video is exactly what we would've seen when women were about to have the right to vote, you backward, ignorant hillbillies. May god have mercy on your judgemental souls.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
No Christians, stop putting words into your god you deranged fucktards
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
It never ceases to amaze me the sheer ignorance sprouted by Christians in anti gay propaganda.
utter drivel and misinformation.  people this is pore scare tactics and lies.  use your mind and find the truth, in science.
Not impressed!
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
three statements - keep religion and politics separate.  
If man was made in gods image, what does that tell you?  (ooh that will stir the pot),  And finally, in the name of religion society continues to persecute those who are different, have different opinions, religions, ways of life.  wake up and smell the roses, the bible is a book, written by men with an agenda.  The New Testament watered down areas of the Bible to meet the needs of modern day Christians.  If you feel the need to live in the dark ages, by all means do so, but don't drag the rest of us down with you.
about 8 years agoSeptember 6, 2013
At some point these AustralianChristian people will ask you to give them money. At that point you will realise you're being conned by skilled professionals.
about 8 years agoSeptember 7, 2013
If gay people are spreading STD's then wouldn't marriage (with it's commitment to monogamy)equality be a good idea? The Father in this clip was arrested at his child's school because he refused to leave the premises when asked  - not because he opposed the book. Members of the GLBT community experience depression and are prone to suicide because of opinions and media like the ones expressed here. This video is dangerous, hateful propaganda.
about 8 years agoSeptember 7, 2013
Your all pathetic and fighting a losing battle. Marriage equality will come and it will be for the greater good. Your all just a bunch of losers who follow only the passages in the bible that suit your own opinions. How many of u have daughters? Interested in selling her into slavery? Exodus 21:7. How many of you work on Sundays? Exodus 35:2 clearly says u should be put to death so how about we all come and stone you to death? Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my brother for planting different crops side by side? Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments of two different threads? Oh and for those of you against abortion, doesn't Leviticus 27:6 say "people's lives have no value before they reach one month old".

How about you all shut about your good Christian faith and stop being a bunch of hypocrites. Your all just horrible people trying p justify your own existence. Most of you can't even think for your selves so you have to be told how to by a stupid old book which has no relevance in this day and age. It's I'd prehistoric and archaic and you are all seriously outdated and misinformed about the world and the facts within it. Enjoy your losing battle.
about 8 years agoSeptember 7, 2013
Well according to the cc party and who am I to say no to ccs bring on the super ghon!  But a fist up the ass also good. Last study I saw had 20% of colon/analcancer as belonging to women so please explain that one Christian soldiers
Richard Waddy
about 8 years agoSeptember 7, 2013
Bible bashers are the best allies that gays could ever hope for; making sure the middle of the road people will support them thro all the blatant discrimination. Unbelievable that people could use such a shallow interpretation that actually promotes what they claim to be fighting against.
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
I live in a country that has marriage equality. Pretty much everything written here is demonstrably false. I have not lost rights, nor do I find myself regretting my support of equality.

You people have serious issues.
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
If the act of marriage is a commitment by two individuals to be faithful to each other, wouldn't that imply that legalising same sex marriage would actually reduce the transferal of STD's?
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
Well on the bright side, it is great to see so many comments condemning this vile piece of shit. On the downside, I am so over stupid ass people who can't think for themselves and see through the absurdity of a book written by primitive people thousands of years ago. THERE IS NO GOD!! Now take responsibility for yourselves, grow up, stop praying to the invisible sky daddy and let other people live however they want. (It's not hurting you for god sakes)!!
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
I totally believe that we should follow the bible. And that's why I think that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry. It's against God. Now, since we are clearly winning this way maybe we should start on some of God's other commandments, like stoning people who commit adultery or legalising the beating of our children or, my favourite, not allowing those beastly deformed (ie. dwarves, handicaps)  people to make offerings to our Lord and Saviour. All of these rules that I've listed can be find in our perfect holy text. Unfortunately all of the fake, hypocrite "Christians" choose not to follow those rules, angering our God more. They must be punished!
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
You have a drink with ol mate jesus for me, cause im going to hell, which will actually be rainbow land with all the faggots going there! :) 
Amen yo.
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
What a crock of shit
about 8 years agoSeptember 8, 2013
People who are atheist are still getting married so what's the difference getting gay people getting married? Not everyone is christian. Stop standing in the way that has nothing to do with being christian.

As for children, majority (if not all) child abusers, child bashing, child murder are done by the parents who are straight! Stop being so igorant and love others as the new testament tells you to.
about 8 years agoSeptember 9, 2013
If you were a homo in bible days you were stoned, and if you read it along with rapist and pedos the same thing was done. So if homo is ok does that mean rape is to, probly not ey.
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